About the DxD Domain Expose’

A two hour long new initiative introduced on completion of 5 years of Design X Design, involves sharing of high quality and focused presentations on ‘Life/Living Issues’ made in a neutral, friendly and open environment concerning a particular design discipline/community. Presentations led by domain experts drawn from diverse inter-related disciplines including that of habitat design ( architecture/ urban/ landscape/ interior design) and non-habitat design (product/communication/apparel) culminate in an open discussion and Q & A.

domain_expose 4-page-001
  • Domain Expose’ 3

  • Industrial Designer:
  • Jatin Bhatt
  • Communication Designer:
  • Suchitra Balasubramanyan
  • Domain Expose’ 2

  • Landor Associates, Mumbai:
  • Lulu Raghavan
  • Co-Design, Delhi:
  • Rajesh Dahiya + Mohor Ray Dahiya
domain expose1
  • Domain Expose’ 1

  • Saferworld Labs/ SEEDS Networks:
  • Anshu Sharma
  • Ecological Planner / Landscape Architect:
  • Akshay Kaul

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