Agencies across the world claim that the fashion industry is the most polluting. Fashion forecaster Li Edelkoort however is of a different opinion. She says, ‘Fashion is Dead, Long Live Clothing’. Fashion cannot be un-sustainable. It is a practice that requires time, exquisite craftsmanship and sustained effort. Our future is threatened not by the Fashion Industry but by the Clothing Industry which produces and propagates cheap products, fueled by trends that change every day. It is this very clothing industry that forces cheap labor and unsustainable practices like water and land pollution and hyper consumerism. Hence the question – become sustainable or perish: is that the only option?
FROM a Reflection of the West TO a Mirror for the West!


Domain Expose’ 5

Seema Mahajan

Head of Academic Governance, Pearl Academy, Delhi 

Shalini Gupta

Head of Department, Styling & Beauty, Pearl Academy, Delhi

Ashish Dhaka

Sr. Lecturer, Pearl Academy, Delhi

Wajahat Rather

Assistant Professor, Pearl Academy, Delhi

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