Miranj is a strategic web design and development studio based in New Delhi, India. They architect information and design radically simple, future-proof websites. Their expertise lies at the intersection of content, design and technology and they have been helping independent creatives, small studios, established businesses, non-profits, educational institutes (and more) deliver meaningful experiences over the web since 2011. Their work shares the same qualities that the creators of the web envisioned — simplicity, inclusivity, accessibility, and longevity and our affinity for producing work that is meaningful, impactful and long-term aligns well with organisations in the not-for-profit and social development space.

Prateek Rungta is a web designer and developer with a background in software engineering. He has been envisioning, designing, building and running websites since 2005. These days Prateek leads all web project execution and manages project collaborations at Miranj — a web design and development studio he co-founded in 2011. Prateek has also been a speaker at web conferences in India and internationally. Besides work, he enjoys tasting beers, bird-watching and traveling, but finds himself most at home in the Himalayas.

Souvik Das Gupta architects information and has been building websites for nearly a decade and a half. As a co-founder of Miranj, Souvik explores business opportunities, leads web strategy workshops and manages client relationships. He has been speaking on information architecture, user experience and web standards at community conferences in India and outside. Souvik has graduated as a software engineer and is trained in agile project management. Away from work he indulges in backpacking, music, coffee, food and occasional marathons.

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