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Rahoul practices, teaches and researches both architecture and urbanism from New Delhi, India. He is a member of the visiting faculty team at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and in the past served as a senior consultant to the Delhi Urban Arts Commission. He received his degrees in art, architecture and in the history, theory and criticism of art and architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, USA.

An alumni of Sushant School of Architecture, New Delhi, Lakshmi began her architectural practice in Delhi in 2003. She spent a number of years practicing with design intensive multi disciplinary studios in the city and in Singapore before relocating back to Delhi and joining Rahoul B. Singh in their design firm RLDA. Lakshmi has also played an instrumental role in establishing Design x Design, a multi disciplinary platform, that promotes cross pollination of ideas among members of various design fields. She is deeply involved in a community library programme for slum children of all ages, where her endeavour is to tap their imagination by fostering design thinking as a skill.

RLDA Design + RLDA Re-Search are engaged with architecture, urbanism and the broader built environment as both a field of practice and a discipline of inquiry. Projects articulate through their form and image, material and detail, that which is unique and specific to their function and location. Working predominantly in an idiom that situates itself within current cultural production, design projects by RLDA are aligned with that mode of design inquiry that explores the materiality of “things” and how they are perceived sense perceptively.
The research practice analyzes and documents spatial and cultural patterns within the urban realm. Through it the production of knowledge and the cross pollination of ideas ensures that the work of the studio is both culturally situated and situating. RLDA – Research is structured around a series of peer reviews, applications for research grants and the publication of texts and drawings of the city.

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