Goonmeet Singh Chauhan studied (B.Arch.) Hons, from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and started a practice called “Tevatia Chauhan & Sharma Architects” along with Anoj Tevatia and Anand Sharma in 1995. In 2003, the practice was rechristened as Design Forum International (DFI), with a clear intent to foster an egalitarian organizational ethos where distinctive architectural talent finds self-expression and can contribute in a democratic and collaborative work environment across diverse typologies. DFI’s prime objective is to achieve excellence in design, perfectly in balance to both time and cost. DFI has emerged as an institution which attracts great design minds; who love to thrive in a professionally charged environment focusing on every detail and exploring new design methodology for every project.

Goonmeet is an Architect, Urbanist, Author and a futurist with boundless enthusiasm to push the frontiers of possibility and bring forth ‘Newness’ that is both ‘Delightful’ and ‘Useful’. He believes that architects must go beyond the stated brief and use their imagination to discern the dynamic flow of life that shall happen within the containers called buildings to create habitats that are birthed in their context and irradiate experiential joy and visual delight. Along with His Passion to Use Creativity, Design and Innovation, he is actively involved In the Reform of City Architecture with his numerous projects in the Public Sector. His notable projects include the Select Citywalk, a distinguished retail centre, CyberWalk and the recently inaugurated New Courts Block at the Delhi High Court. Some of his new interesting projects include the Vanijya Bhawan, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India, NIT Delhi, Guwahati International Airport, ITO Skywalk, Amritsar Railway Station and Multi-Modal Logistics, Transport-Hub, Dadri and Delhi Cyclewalk – a pioneering solution towards a walkable Delhi.

To celebrate the opening of the New Courts Block, he recently authored a book titled ‘The Delhi High Court- Making of the New Courts block’, which solemnizes the completion of the project. Commemorating the making of the new annexe, the book traces the history and backdrop of the Delhi High Court through magnificent photography, captivating drawings and scholarly text. He has also authored a book of ideas for transforming India, this book provides solutions to some chronic problems of our cities like walkability, air pollution, noise pollution, waste management, education, women empowerment and safety in our Cities. His upcoming book “Invertonomics” is due for a release soon.


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