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An eponymous label, Mrinalini is a design studio that has been working to merge the vibrancy of indigenous crafts with modern textile and then it’s reverse. Contemporary and understated, The Studio seeks to reinvent classics in the current mood.
As a label, we seek not necessarily to reflect the current mood, but to introduce the elements to evolve it. There have always been moments in history that fashion has overpowered, at detriments to identity and self and we consciously seek to ease that. We often derive our aspirations of design from the west and look to them for direction , never observing that we as a country have far more to offer in terms of design and philosophy and our own unique cultural history which is diverse and rich. For us to evolve our own fashion or design language may take years, but like japan we have a lot of material to work with.
Our women are not french , our history isn’t european and our clothing was never too tight.
And for us as creators to honour that and regenerate that ease from roots of a heritage that has always been raw and always at ease with itself is eventually our mission.

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