Chang-Hyun Kim, graduated from Graduate School of Architecture, Kun-Kuk University in Seoul and also studied at CEPT in Ahmedabad. He practiced at Sangath & DDIR Architecture in India. In 2005 he started his own architecture offices in Bangalore and New Delhi, named “AA Studio”. The firm was established with the theme – ‘Asian Aesthetics’.
In his own words: “After finishing graduate school in March 2001, I went to India in June the same year. I decided to leave Korea for somewhere else, as it was not possible to find a place where to settle in my country. Instead, I made much more of what I was doing at that moment, I was looking for new experiences and this led me to the sites – frequently taking time off from school. I made many field trips, not only in Korea but also across Europe and Asia to discover the source works that influenced architects in the site. I had found a fragment of our Koreaness that had been lost between the classical period and the modern/contemporary period when visiting the IIMA designed by Louis Kahn and Ghandhi Ashram by Charles Correa and their other works of 1960-80s. I thought that only if I could understand the context I could find the clue of something beyond Koreaness. Though I am still on the way to find the solution, it is a thing which requires time. When I chose the theme ‘Asian Aesthetics’, I was young, now what I have to do is rumination through my own works.”

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