Brands are ubiquitous…they signify a promise of consistent service or symbolise products of an expected standard of quality, craftsmanship, performance and aesthetics from an authentic source. Brands constitute the distinct visual language of an increasingly globalised economy and often reflect the values associated with their place of origin, for example, Italian fashion, French wine, Swiss watches, German automobiles, Californian high-tech and Indian craft textiles. Brands are an essential ingredient of competitiveness and help spur innovation as a means to increase mind-share and market-share. On the other hand, brands also invest disproportionate sums to promote themselves, stay relevant and become even more compelling – This invariably results in kindling subliminal desires and inflating costs in a manner that may not align with intrinsic value. Today , people across the economic spectrum are exposed to the same brands. This can catalyse ambition, aspiration or a sense of alienation or even helplessness, depending on where one stands in the food-chain.

Domain Expose’ 2

Landor Associates, Mumbai

Lulu Raghavan


Co-Design, Delhi
Rajesh Dahiya + Mohor Ray Dahiya

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