DKMD is a strategic design company.
They look at communication and branding projects holistically as a constantly evolving mix of content, design, business strategy and storytelling. Over the years DKMD has discovered that they function best as a small team of focused people, capable of leading projects and developing a long term vision for companies looking to find an effective voice. They therefore only work on handpicked projects that excite them the most!
DKMD prides themselves in its commitment to excellence in both the strategic and artistic ends of the spectrum. They believe in collaborative work and in forming partnerships with the companies they work with. Whether it’s a startup looking to get their foot in the door, or an established brand faced with the challenge of reimagining themselves, they try to work with the foundations of the brand and build upwards from that.
It’s not just generating ideas but executing them that makes the work DKMD do meaningful and relevant.
They are equally interested in your vision as they are in the typeface you use.

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