Roundtable 6


Chetan Vaidya

Director, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi

Jaya Jaitly

President, Dastkar Haat Samiti

Suresh Sethi

Vice President, Global Consumer Design, Whirlpool Design

V. Sunil

Executive Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy, India


Nine months ago, the government launched the “Make in India” initiative. After nationalisation and liberalisation, it promises to be the 3rd epochal attempt to spur rapid economic growth. While the emphasis of the first two attempts was on securing stability and connecting globally, this time the focus is on attracting global and national investments in 25 growth driven manufacturing sectors. The symbiosis between design and manufacturing (of both goods and services) is self evident and so Indian design’s engagement with the ambitious pace, quality and volume of the “Make in India” initiative would be critical to both. As India searches for an optimum, appropriate and opportune model of development, the 6th Design X Design Roundtable, Desi Design – Making in India, deliberates the Make in India initiative from the perspective of design in India. Does and should “Make in India” imply “Design in India”?

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