Roundtable 3


Anjali Kalia

Apparel/Textile Designer

Mike Knowles

Product/Industrial Designer

Ravi Punde

Landscape Architect

Vivek Sahni

Graphic/Communication Designer

Design X Design Roundtable – 3 titled ‘DESIGN PORIBORTON’- design as a domain & an agent of change in India.

Critical Question Areas concerning design in all forms that were addressed at the event are as under:

Q.1: Does Indian Design need to work towards changing its identity – locally/globally – in order to become culturally and civilizationally vibrant/potent/relevant?

Q.2: How best can Indian Design, in all its manifestations, become a medium to bring about a significant/perceptible change in the values/sensibilities of the society on one hand and in improving efficiency/quality of life/living on the other hand?

Q.3: What kind of course correction – in education/profession/industry – do design based creative communities need to initiate for the purpose of bringing about positive/constructive change in their critical /qualitative /quantitative /bench-marking /accountability /communication framework?

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