parthiv shahAn alumnus of the National Institute of Design, India, and visiting scholar at the University of California, Davis and at the SOAS, London University, Parthiv Shah is a graphic designer and a photographer. He has designed and curated exhibitions, designed several campaigns, made documentary films and has several photo-books to his credit. Growing up in a family of artists and through his own professional training, he brings an interesting intersection of art, photography and design to his work.

Founder- Director of Centre for Media and Alternative Communication (CMAC), he has been teaching at various design, art, fashion and theater schools across India and abroad. Lately Parthiv has been particularly interested and engaged in working on the issue of image perception and representation.

Photo-books authored by him include: ‘Figures, Facts, Feelings: A Direct Diasporic Dialogue’ (published by CMAC), ‘Working in the Mill No More’ (published by CMAC), ‘Narmada’ (published by Pratham Books), ‘Art as Witness’ (published by Tulika Books), etc.

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