Roundtable 2


Abhijit Ray

Chairman, northern chapter, IIA

Anjan Das

Member, IDC

K.T. Ravindran

Founder president, IUDI

Lapika Sood

Council Member, ADI

Niladri Mukherjee

Chairperson, delhi chapter, IIID

Rajesh Pratap Singh

Associate member, FDCI

Rohit Marol

President, ISOLA

Vijay Sohoni

President, COA

Design X Design Roundtable – 2 titled ‘DESIGLOK PAL’ – management of design based creative communities in India, focused on 1 of the 7 critical question areas explored Roundtable 1. It had distinguished panelists drawn from diverse quasi-governmental/non-governmental professional bodies active in the country at present.

Critical Question Areas concerning design in all forms that are intended to be addressed at the event are as under:

a) Who is in control of design based creative communities in India today?

b) Is the government playing a satisfactory role in managing Design on various fronts: Education, Profession, Industry?

c) How effective are the professional/apex bodies in promoting the interest of the profession/industry?

d) Is it desirable to re‐organize the management of Design under one ministry, if so which one?

e) Is there a need for a joint/collaborative professional advocacy/visionary body/group to represent common interests of all the design disciplines?

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